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Project value: 15 453 549,00 PLN

EU Co-financing: 14 732 884,80 PLN



AccelBoost is a program intended for startups planning to validate the solution in cooperation with Technology Recipient and the Investor in market conditions (first or late traction) and prepare for foreign expansion under the GoGlobal model.
We are looking for innovative solutions that meet the needs of one of the following areas: Fintech, Insurtech/Medtech, IT/ICT

Technology Recipient

Test your solution through collaboration with a commercial client.

Investment Path

Secure funding, develop an investment plan, and finance your idea.

Go Global

Scale your startup or idea internationally.


Who are we looking for?
Click the logo and check the needs of our partners:

Lucasco Broker

LuCasco Broker is looking for technological solutions in the areas of:

  • Platforms supporting the insurance claims management process

  • Online insurance sales support tools for the agricultural industry

  • GPT-based chatbot for communicating with customers, supporting the work of an insurance agent

  • GPT-based tool supporting the work of an insurance broker

Euvic Services

Euvic Services is active in two areas: IT services and outsourcing of IT teams and professionals, as well as HR outsourcing, supported by temporary labor services.

ES successfully supports the development of companies, Polish and international, regardless of their size or industry.

Being part of the Euvic Group allows the company to combine our potential, skills and resources with other specialized businesses.

Euvic Services is looking for tools & solutions that optimize and automate HR processes, with special focus on AI-based mechanisms applied.


Seco/Warwick is looking for a machine learning model that will analyze the pumping system and predict the risk of a machine failure


Soneta is looking for AI solutions that analyze whether and how complete a service request is, which will speed up the process of handling a partner’s request and optimize the amount of human-human communication

Montis Capital

Montis seeks to work with great teams, scalable business models, innovative and already market validated products on providing for expansion and growth capital within the following two sectors: Industry 4.0 Monitis aims to be at the heart of a Fourth Industrial Revolution by investing into a confluence of robotics, artificial intelligence, internet of things, big data or deep tech and Life Science. Montis is looking for projects in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biomedical technologies, life systems technologies, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, food processing, and environmental and biomedical devices.

Montis Capital is currently ooking for projects with focus on the following areas:

  • Water monitoring and/or management
  • Edtech tools for homeschooling
  • VAS (Value Added Services) platforms for startups


Orange Polska is looking for technological solutions in the areas of IT/ICT:

  • A solution using AI in HR processes, sales, service provision, marketing.
  • Solutions for business clients supporting the digital transformation and/or automation of their business, based, among others, on communication technologies, in particular the 5G network, edge computing, cloud solutions and AI, among others in the area of ​​Industry (digital twin, augmented assistant reality ), Smart City, Smart Farming,
  • Logistics, Transport, Media and others
  • Pro-environmental solutions: enabling the implementation of the scope 3 emission reduction goal in the field of cooperation with suppliers, customers and employees; based on the circular economy; in the area of ​​energy efficiency and electricity recovery.
  • Solutions in the area of ​​metaverse/immersive experience – for corporations (e.g. soft skills training, well-being/mental well-being, onboarding processes, applications supporting education/promotion/communication/showrooming of services) and solutions from the group of metaverse applications, in particular for industries/ retail/AEC (e.g. digital twins, simulators, training for technical employees/hard skills).
  • Solutions for individual clients – increasing the attractiveness of the offer in the following categories: gaming, XR/AR, smart home/IoT, cybersecurity, e-health, and other new products.
  • A solution supporting the digitalization, acquisition and retention of customers in all sales channels – POS, Tele, Digital, omnichannel, including tools in the area of ​​geomarketing and prediction of customer needs and satisfaction, data analysis aimed at personalization.
  • Solutions aimed at improving the quality of customer service in every channel, including self-service.

Bank Partner

coming soon

Insurance Partner

coming soon

Life Science Innovations Fund

Life Science Innovations Fund is looking for technological solutions in the areas of:

  • Health care – Preventive medicine innovations, ideas reducing health care costs, technology and solutions for patients and the health services sector.
  • Biotech – IT, engineering, and material solutions used in laboratory diagnostics, agriculture, food production, and related industries.
  • Medtech –New medical devices used in diagnostics and treatment; substances, formulas, biomaterials, and health-related IT solutions
  • Drone industry and supporting technologies


What can you gain by applying to the AccelBoost program?

Up to EUR 90K for start and product testing

Assistance in Global Expansion

Access to your first commercial customers or investors

follow-on funding opportunities from our partners and network

ACCELPOINT sp. z o.o. implements the project co-financed by the European Funds entitled “AccelBoost”.

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