European FinTech Hackcelerator 2021: We know the winners! 🏆🏆

👏 Huge congratulations to🏆WeavAir and 🏆!

After the stormy deliberations, the jury board has made its choice and we can officially announce the winners of the #efhack2021!🚀

Evercity is the blockchain-based platform that automates the issuance and monitoring of sustainable finance instruments such as green bonds and carbon credits. 👉🚀

Skyblu provides insurers and banks with alternative data for better risk estimation. Their new ai-based solution helps in much more accurate flood risk prediction. 👉

Both of the teams, except the #efhack2021 prizes, will have an opportunity to expand their business in Singapore with the top market experts and take part in the finals of the Global Fintech Hackcelerator during the Singapore FinTech Festival!

🙏 We warmly thank all our Partners, Judges and Experts. Your help was crucial in order to make this project global!

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