Accelpoint Academy 2020

As part of the acceleration of project teams, Accelpoint has developed a proprietary programme for improving the competences of Interdisciplinary Teams participating in the e-pioneer programme within Accelpoint Academy. The goal of the Accelerator’s management was to teach teams to create electronic products, not just good code. The programme assumes the movement of interdisciplinary knowledge in the field of creating services and products useful for recipients, project management and programming standards.

Within the Academy as well as during the entire Acceleration period, Interdisciplinary Teams received and continue to receive (applies to Teams in the course of the Acceleration) expert support in defined areas, among others:

– Software development;
– Product development;
– Hardware development;
– Design UX/UI;
– Business development;
– Business models and monetization;
– Preparation for cooperation with public institutions;
– Design of medical applications (software as medical device);
– Data visualisation;
– Digital, mHealth;
– Analysis of customer needs;
– Business processes.

Expert support is also aimed at increasing the competence of Interdisciplinary teams and creating better quality MVP. The experts providing support to the Teams have been selected in accordance with the principle of competitiveness through the procedure published in the competitiveness database. To sum up, it should be mentioned that the Teams that were qualified to participate in Accelpoint Acceleration:

– completed their Agile/Scrum knowledge and product design;
– received support to develop/defend technological and business assumptions for projects solving problems reported by public institutions;
– confirmed their competence and development potential;
– if necessary, received support in the field of team organisation, role division and MVP implementation plan;
– received support in developing and defending the product concept before a public institution within the framework of status meetings with public institutions;
– obtained confirmation of the public partner’s willingness to implement (in the form of tests) the MVP during Investment Committees;
– received positive investment decisions regarding project financing.

By the end of November 2020, the Accelpoint accelerator selected 14 Interdisciplinary Teams with positive investment decisions.

ACCELPOINT sp. z o.o. implements the project co-financed by the European Funds “Accelpoint ScaleUp – Technological Accelerator connecting innovative solutions with Technology Recipients”.

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