Accelpoint and startups join forces to help #COVID19 relief efforts

The Accelpoint Accelerator has teamed up with startups from two programmes, #AccelUp and #AccelBox, to support COVID-19 pandemic relief efforts. Our initiatives include fintech, cleantech and medtech solutions. We present concrete solutions that make a difference in fighting both the medical and economic effects of the coronavirus crisis.

“We’re increasingly aware of how massive an impact the coronavirus has had on our family, social and economic life. As Accelpoint, we’re trying to activate the startup ecosystem in social responsibility initiatives and seeking solutions that will really help minimise the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this difficult time, business sensitivity and the willingness to offer smart support are just as important as innovativeness. This is an attitude we promote, and we encourage others to do the same,” says Michał Bańka, PhD, CEO & Co-founder of Accelpoint.

What initiatives is Accelpoint taking?

Drawing on the expertise of its team and partner experts, Accelpoint is offering free consultancy on business models and pricing, product design and VC financing.

As part of the AccelBox programme, we encourage interdisciplinary teams to create solutions that respond to public partners’ challenges. The current round of acceleration sees 3 teams working on projects for the University of Zielona Góra that have a real impact on mitigating the effects of the pandemic. Several projects have entered an advanced stage, including an IT system to coordinate clinical trial results, which will increase the efficacy and efficiency of clinical trials.

At the same time, we are inviting applications to AccelBox from pre-seed startups that respond to challenges proposed by the Mazovian Neuropsychiatric Centre in Warsaw. It is a valuable support in the fight against the psychosocial effects of the pandemic. You can submit your solutions in the following areas:

1. Designing a prototype of a cloud app to facilitate personnel recruitment into health facilities.

2. Designing a medical educational platform (online app) to apply innovative technologies and treatments in selected medical specialities.

What support is offered by startups accelerated under the AccelBox and AccelUp programmes?

Cashy – a startup participating in round 2 of AccelUp (in partnership with Santander Bank Polska)

Cashy is a platform that facilitates payments between business partners, offering early payment discounts. Due dates and discounts are determined online through an intuitive platform. As a show of business solidarity in the fight against the effects of the pandemic, Cashy is now offering 3 months of free access to the platform and free Cashy help desk service for both buyers and their suppliers. There is a cap on discounts that a buyer can obtain in their relationship with suppliers so as to maintain a partnership between the parties (up to 10% per annum).


Plenti – a startup participating in round 2 of AccelUp (in partnership with Santander Consumer Bank)

Plenti is a platform that offers on-demand access to the latest consumer electronics, without covering the full price of the product and the need to store the goods or update them after making a purchase. Plenti decided to provide teachers currently teaching from home with company laptops and computer monitors along with necessary accessories, including built-in cams, SSDs and i5 processors, for the entire duration of the school closures.


RevDeBug – a startup participating in round 2 of AccelUp (in partnership with Santander Bank Polska)

RevDeBug is a solution that increases the availability of IT systems by reducing the time to identify and debug errors from days to hours. Much like an aircraft’s black box, it allows the technical support team to reconstruct the whole history of the event that led to a system error line by line in the software code. Joining in the pandemic relief efforts, RevDeBug is extending the free trial period to 90 days and is offering a free licence for public and government institutions, as well as a 90% discount for all startups that generate under EUR 1 million in revenue and have operated in the market for less than 3 years.


Quantum CX – a startup participating in round 2 of AccelUp

Quantum CX tests its sensors in measuring employee and customer satisfaction by recording smiles. Every time a customer or employee smiles something good happens, e.g. a donation is made to a selected charitable cause. To support the fight against the coronavirus, Quantum CX arm the sensor with a temperature sensor to detect infections in the employee-client contact. This solution will allow you to control the infection in the workplace with high temperature detection accuracy of 0.05°.


Alphamoon – a startup that completed acceleration at round 1 of AccelUp (in partnership with Santander Bank Polska)

Alphamoon develops and adapts solutions based on artificial intelligence methods. In order to spread knowledge of predicted scenarios of the pandemic going forward, Alphamoon presented the findings of an AI-based analysis of the further spread of SARS-CoV-2 in Poland using mathematical models and machine learning. The analysis revealed the role of social distancing and self-isolation, as well as widespread testing, in controlling the number of cases and ensuring that the healthcare system operates efficiently.


Cleanbox – a team that completed acceleration under AccelBox (in partnership with MOSiR Lublin)

Cleanbox is an easy-to-use, advanced antibacterial and antifungal device that eliminates 99.99% of microbes and bacteria, ensuring up to 30 days of an additional antibacterial effect. Thanks to its functionalities, the project supports prevention against common infections and aligns with the growing need to disinfect surfaces, which helps contain the spread of the coronavirus. A project MVP was created through acceleration under AccelBox, and tests performed on the infrastructure of the public partner (MOSiR Lublin) were successful.


Voicebot – a team that completed acceleration under AccelBox (in partnership with the Holy Family Memorial Hospital, Warsaw)

Voicebot is a triage service that reduces medical expenses by converting some patients from specialist hospitals and clinics to telemedicine (using artificial intelligence and a medical platform). The team is implementing dedicated solutions for the current pandemic that will make it easier to identify and manage patients with suspected coronavirus infection. The project MVP was created through acceleration under AccelBox, and tests performed on the infrastructure of the public partner (Holy Family Memorial Hospital, Warsaw) proved the solution to be nearly 95% effective.


Startupy Pomagają (, a project initiated by Cashy (in partnership with Santander Bank Polska)

Initiated by Cashy, the Startupy Pomagają project is aimed at mutual support and developing solutions to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Accelpoint is a partner of the project. is a marketplace where one can offer their support and use others’ knowledge for free or in exchange for a donation to a charitable cause.

ACCELPOINT sp. z o.o. implements the project co-financed by the European Funds Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020 “Accelpoint ScaleUp – Technological Accelerator connecting innovative solutions with Technology Recipients”.

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