Coming Soon: The AccelBox Academy!

The AccelBox Academy starts in June. Several dozen hours of classes and workshop await teams qualified for acceleration. Studying in the Academy, the teams will define product development programs, success indicators and continue design and development efforts. Academy projects in this round include solutions in telemedicine and bacterial infection prophylactics.

While in the academy, teams will work on problems defined by public partners. We assume that the developed solutions will be universal, serving both public and business environments. Over the next few months,  acceleration will help build an MVP, test the product in a public partner environment and successfully enter the market. What’s more, at Accelpoint, project team members working on business receive a salary as a full-time job – explains Dr Michał Bańka, CEO & Co-founder Accelpoint.

The AccelBox Academy provides mentoring support from Product design / UX experts with know-how directly related to the projects at hand.

ACCELPOINT sp. z o.o. implements the project co-financed by the European Funds “Accelpoint ScaleUp – Technological Accelerator connecting innovative solutions with Technology Recipients”.

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