Commercial cooperation of ClinicHunter and Axa Partners

This new themed series presents our alumni who have already established commercial partnerships with their technology recipients thanks to the AccelUp acceleration program.

ClincHunter, in cooperation with AXA Partners, has created a unique insurance product for the medical tourism branch. In October 2020, the parties started a commercial collaboration.

We talk to Łukasz Hajkowski, Sales Director and ComEx Member at AXA Partners CEE and Marek Hołówko, CEO of ClinicHunter.

What resources/technology did ClinicHunter come to acceleration with?

Clinic Hunter had a platform connecting patients with clinics abroad and a proven business model. It came to acceleration with a new product concept for the medical tourism market and new target customers (individual – patients/business – medical facilities).

What exactly did you test during the acceleration, and what was its final effect?

We tested whether there was a demand for a new insurance product for patients receiving treatment abroad and a new distribution model – i.e. distribution through medical facilities (B2B2C) rather than directly to patients as before.

What added value has the new product brought to AXA’s offer?

ClinicHunter acts as an agent with exclusive rights to this product and the whole process takes place on the ClinicHunter platform. On the other hand the well-known AXA brand gives ClinicHunter customers an extra sense of security.

What are the results so far?

Several dozen clinics which want to offer this product to their foreign patients, mainly from Poland and Turkey, have already approached us. Despite the COVID restrictions, which significantly affects the tourism industry, we have recorded the product’s first sales.

ClinicHunter website: HERE

An article about this cooperation: HERE

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