The 3rd round of the AccelUp programme has started!

We are proud to present startups from the 3rd round of AccelUp programme: 

Allied Coders International, is an experienced group of coders focusing on mobile, web and backend solutions for the automotive, fintech, healthcare and entertainment industries. During the acceleration, startup is improving its design of the e-voting platform based on blockchain technology. Its aim is to solve the problem of accessibility and exclusion through the possibility of remote presence and remote voting during general meetings of shareholders. The founders want this form of voting to become not only a convenient alternative, but also the norm – especially in times of pandemics. The company’s clients include Here, Redbull, BrainBox, Wezee, Advanced Telematic Systems and Concise Software. The acceleration partner of the startup is Santander Bank Polska.

ArmyTacts LLC is a company specialized in many different aspects of military sim development, mainly (but not limited to) in the world-leading VBS3 battlefield simulator environment, seeking innovation and vast improvements in delivering a better tomorrow for soldiers and commanders everyday life, while retaining highest possible realism, attention to detail and price-quality ratio. Need a new simulation system? You’ve came to the right place. The acceleration partner of the startup is RITS – Relyon IT Services.

BCHAIN PARTNER is a company that was founded in 2019 and specializes in creating IT solutions based on Blockchain platforms. The aim of the acceleration project is to implement a S3DOC durable medium using blockchain technology, often called the technology of the future. The acceleration partner of the startup is Santander Consumer Bank.

Benton Invest is a fully integrated tool for mass service and processing of invoices and other trade documents for all types of user such as (B2C, B2B in small, medium and large enterprise). The solution included an array of easy to use and follow functionalities that automate to maximum the whole back office process connected to such service. The acceleration partner of the startup is RITS – Relyon IT Services.

ChannelNow presents a new business model in gathering human resources through a breakthrough IT platform of new generation using social network based on Crowd Sourcing. Unique business model embedded in the ChannelNow ATS platform enables mass proces for competence gathering in the fields of IT/Production&Engineering/Medical and Life Science as completely aletrnative sourcing channel. The acceleration partner of the startup is RITS – Relyon IT Services.

Mebio Group is a unique cloud based IT recruitment platform being a hub portal for intelligent gathering and management of HR resources in IT area. New HRM quality due to lates module creation such as succession planning, outsourcing and outplacement mapping as well as panel expert management. The acceleration partner of the startup is RITS – Relyon IT Services.

Pergamin is a SaaS platform designed for secure and efficient contract management. It solves the problem of manual and complicated documents flow. Pergamin makes it easy to gather contract information in a database instead of document format. The software features smart templates, negotiations, teamwork, approvals, e-signature, repository, and reminders. It also offers reports and statistics for contract performance overview. For full data flow and automation, it integrates with other systems. Pergamin makes legal processes as easy as possible for every business team. The acceleration partner of the startup is Santander Bank Polska.

Shopai / Yosh.AI is a deep tech company using Artifical Intelligence for automating communication through custom-made voice and text assistants. Our conversational commerce and customer service solution supports multiple channels including website, social messengers and phone line, in any language. We are officially recognised by Google as a partner delivering high quality solutions. The acceleration partner of the startup is Santander Leasing.

Skyblu turns simple address information into a set of predictive factors to be used by banks and insurers in their risk models. The factors are sourced from satellite and Street View images and processed via AI. The acceleration partners of the startup are Santander Consumer Bank and Santander Leasing (startup works with both partners).

StudentCash is a platform created for young people and students who would like to take out a microloan. It allows you to collect additional cash without unnecessary formalities, even in 5 minutes. The customer receives a set of available offers and chooses the best one for him. He is then redirected to our partner who grants him a loan. The acceleration partner of the startup is AXA Partners.

Takes Care is a company specialising in telemedical services. It offers Online Medical Care Packages and individual e-consultations with specialists to patients and provides doctors with convenient solutions for running a virtual office. Integration of the telemedicine platform with business partners is carried out in a fast and safe way. Solutions developed by Takes Care are used, among others, by PZU Zdrowie; Neuca Group; myBenefit; Ministerstwo Rodziny i Polityki Społecznej – Large Family Card and Wiedza i Życie. The acceleration partner of the startup is AXA Partners.

Web2Metrics specializes in improving client service processes, including the effectiveness of sales, by using advanced Voicebots based on AI and Machine Learning solutions. As part of the acceleration, our Voicebot will take over an ungrateful and time-consuming process of verification of leads’ interest in clients offer. Our clients are working mostly on financial and insurance fields, however we target our products for every company that needs to make phone calls on a massive scale. Our Voicebots can set up a meeting, take satisfaction surveys, collect marketing agreements etc. The acceleration partner of the startup is Santander Bank Polska.

Welcome on board!

ACCELPOINT sp. z o.o. implements the project co-financed by the European Funds Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020 “Accelpoint ScaleUp – Technological Accelerator connecting innovative solutions with Technology Recipients”.

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