The 4th round of AccelUp acceleration programme has started!

We are proud to announce that 15 companies have started acceleration in the fourth round of the AccelUp programme.

During the six-month acceleration, startups will develop their technologies in cooperation with the technology recipients: Santander Bank Polska, AXA Partners, Santander Consumer Bank, RITS – Relyon IT Services and Santander Leasing.

Meet the new members of the Accelpoint tribe:

Edward is a mobile assistant operating on the market since 2016, helping to automate the work of dispersed sales departments. The assistant works “in the background” as an mobile app, allowing sales rep to work the same way from anywhere. A busy sales rep forgets to send an offer? He puts off contact with the customer for the next day? The meeting does not take place? Edward remembers the tasks and reminds them of them. In the right place and time. Edward supports processes related to the distribution of leads within the sales team. All we have to do is define how they should be handled, and the assistant will ensure that they will immediately be displayed on the sales rep’s phone screen. In this way, we improve the work between marketing and sales departments. The solution is used, among others, by TU Inter Polska, ING Bank Ślaski, Krajowa Izba Rozliczeniowa and TIM S.A. Edward has already been awarded many times in a number of Polish and foreign competitions, such as UiPath Automation Awards CEE – 2019; UPC ThinkBig Think Transformation – 2019; AI Innovator Award – 2019; Best Banking Solution Award – IT@Bank – 2018; Mobile Trends Awards -2018.

Technology Recipient: Santander Leasing

Random Forest

Random Forest creates dedicated software, which helps companies analysing their sensitive, unstructured and complex textual materials such as business and financial reports, transactional documents and correspondence. By applying deep language understanding capabilities to text processing and contextual search engines our AI models detect precise information automatically – regardless of the topic, language and business sector – whether saved in PDF, docs or scans, stored locally or on the Internet. Our independence from third parties, own OCR and exclusively trained AI models guarantee extreme data security and 1000x analysis time reduction with exceptional accuracy.

Technology Recipient: Santander Leasing


The project involves the creation of a sales platform / tool for MLM Sellers and Direct Sales Managers (MBS). The platform will contain two basic functionalities (modules). E-commerce and CRM module for merchants with affiliate tools. Offered products: • Safe Dom assistance service package – AXA • Safe Internet assistance package – AXA • Safe Internet assistance package – AXA The offer will be presented through the e-commerce module thanks to a simple presentation of 3 products on the website. Sellers will offer services through affiliate links and through unique referral codes that will assign the sale to the correct seller, which will be a prerequisite for the payment of commission. Customers will also make purchases on the website through the e-commerce module and the use of a universal online payment gateway provided by one of the largest clearing agents in Poland. The main advantage of the platform is to shorten, automate and close the sales process initiated at the customer’s site by the Direct Sales Manager. An additional value as part of the CRM module will be the ability to manage the sales network of individual MSBs, including, for example, checking the current sales results and related persons recommended or assigned to specific MBS.

Technology Recipient: AXA Partners


e-Investor is an investment and educational platform that helps a growing number of investors better understand the market of stock exchange products and obtain easy access to the necessary information and educational content. Due to the growing demand for stock exchange products in Poland and the difficult access to quality information, the DeFiSyndicate team decided to create an easily accessible and user-friendly space where everyone – both beginners and experienced investors – will find the necessary information about stock exchange products. The platform is fully available online, so the necessary knowledge is always accessible.

Technology Recipient: Santander Bank Polska

Privacy Optimization / Data Breach Management Tool

Data Breach Management Tool (DBMT) is a software dedicated to help organizations analyze personal data incidents, assess their risks and timely report personal data breaches to the appropriate data protection authorities. It is an innovative cloud-based or on-premises solution for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance that helps organizations quickly manage information privacy breaches, thereby reducing the risk of massive regulatory penalties. This pioneer privacy breach response tool is designed to fully assist and automate the critical processes that Data Protection Officers and privacy teams must use to properly respond to personal data incidents.

Technology Recipient: Santander Bank Polska

Octagon / Dataphora

Dataphora introduces a new standard of customer data transfer between different business hubs within a banking group, e.g. between the bank and its brokerage service. It replaces the costly point-to-point integrations and automates the manual processes that still exist due to the “Chinese walls” requirements. It leverages the blockchain-based Self-Sovereign Identity paradigm and puts the bank’s customer in the driving seat of such sensitive dataflow. As a result, the customer becomes the ultimate connector between the bank’s hubs, so that no data can be exchanged without their knowledge. The solution is highly scalable, secure and effective.

Technology Recipient: Santander Bank Polska

Noble Data

NobleData is a startup / fintech which was founded on the basis of many years of experience in creating modern software for financial institutions. The company’s mission is to provide IT solutions that enable the creation of new services and products in the industry. For this purpose, we use the latest technologies of digitization of processes: blockchain, tokenization, Self Sovereign Identity (SSI), biometrics. NobleData provides solutions that undergo the most rigorous security tests and are in line with the latest UX and CX trends.

Technology Recipient: Santander Bank Polska

4Semantics / SensID

4Semantics develops document understanding technologies, which are used to build SensID product line – a set of unique solutions that allow for automation of complex tasks requiring cognitive skills. SensID Cognitive Automation extracts information from documents and transforms them into a structured form – ready for further processing in RPA or analytics. The developed technology was used in SensID GDPR product, which, finds and manages personal data to ensure comprehensive compliance with GDPR. Work is underway on products supporting automation based on document understanding in the domain of banking and insurance.

Technology Recipient: Santander Bank Polska

Pure AI

Pure AI develops tools using artificial intelligence to increase performance of sales and marketing campaigns by allowing swift creation of interactive contents in real time tailored to customers’ profile and their ongoing activities when interacting with marketing materials. Pure AI provides also end-to-end service including big data analytics and customers segmentation allowing their customers to simply focus on results and further improvement of their insights.

Technology Recipient: Santander Consumer Bank


The Flexee app materializes access to flexible payment of remuneration. The employee uses the mobile app to track in real time the amount of funds earned, and easily decides about their flexible payment. The funds received appear on their account in seconds, with no additional formalities. Integrated with employers’ payroll systems, Flexee does not burden them operationally. In addition it ensures financial liquidity against remuneration. Employees gain a valuable financial benefit, which provide safety and comfort. Employers receive a stronger recruitment position and an advantage in HR processes.

Technology Recipient: Santander Consumer Bank


Lux-Book is a cost and revenue management application that automates the process of calculating bonuses and margins for professionals. Further functionalities: 1) automation of the process of calculating bonuses and margins for specialists 2) calculating bonuses for sales teams 3) automation of the process of calculating vacation days 4) entering data on realized sales processes 5) automation of the process of generating customer data used for their correct invoicing 6) keeping records of specialists 7) management of customer files 8) lanaging contracts with clients 9) automatic report generation.

Technology Recipient: RITS


Liftem is smart solution that help us remote control of window blinds, which are heavily used in our homes and office spaces. The system is controlled by the smartphone application with several functional options e.g. lowering or lifting blinds or precise time programming. The most important fact is that there is no need for disassembling blinds or installing new ones but just change the mechanism. Fast, effective, and low-cost creating of intelligent spaces. Liftem solves the problem of the high cost of installing an automatic system of window blinds which make the product more friendly for a wide range of customers.

Technology Recipient: RITS


Modvise is a company focused on data extraction from various online retailer websites. Automated bots deliver information about price changes (up to thirty minutes intervals), availability tracking, ratings and reviews, positioning in search and category reviews. Thanks to cloud based technology and micro services infrastructure the solution is elastic and highly scalable. All extracted information are stored in data warehouses enabling quick access to terabytes of records within seconds. Modvise delivers a simple and easy to read dashboard with visualizations of data allowing to understand key insights and take well informed actions.

Technology Recipient: RITS

MIKE System

MIKE System creates a commission calculation tool to help calculate commission for sales services. The system will be configurable by users exactly to their needs, taking into account the characteristics of the work of sales teams. It can be used to sell a variety of products and services and will also help to keep employees motivated. It will cooperate with the existing IT systems of clients.MIKE System will have a commission calculator, and thus will enable the preparation of commission reports. It will also allow for commission adjustments. Prepare a list of bonus payments resulting from commission for employees on the contract of employment or on a mandate contract.

Technology Recipient: RITS

Fluo / Intelligenious

Intelligenius is a system that makes it possible to measure the level of general intelligence among the tested individuals. The process uses Raven’s progressive matrices test. An important fact is that the result of the test does not depend much on one’s education. The use of Raven matrices also minimizes cultural and language differences of the tested persons. The Intelligenius system consists of a mobile application and a website. The obtained result is compared to other test participants and can be delivered based on various criteria, e.g. age, gender, location, etc.

Technology Recipient: RITS

The AccelUp programme is implemented with the support of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

ACCELPOINT sp. z o.o. implements the project co-financed by the European Funds Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020 “Accelpoint ScaleUp – Technological Accelerator connecting innovative solutions with Technology Recipients”.

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