The Fintech Path: What kind of innovations is Santander Bank Polska looking for?

The Fintech Path: What kind of innovations is Santander Bank Polska looking for?

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The chief focus are solutions that implement cutting-edge technologies in the field of online and mobile banking using advanced analytics, AI and machine learning, robotics, biometrics, and innovative payment instruments, as well as e-commerce platforms. The deadline for submitting applications in the first round of the AccelUp programme is April 19th, 2019. We invite startups ready to implement their #fintech solutions in cooperation with our Partner and Technology Recipient – Santander Bank Polska. 

Santander Bank Polska defines its needs for innovations based on two categories: technology & business drivers and products & service recipientsThe most desirable projects should combine at least one area from each of the two categories.

Technology & business drivers consists of seven areas: 

  1. Data & Machine learning: All activities focusing on using the broad range of data available both inside the bank and from outside sources. Implementing advanced algorithms for efficient data processing and improved understanding. 
  2. Open Banking: Functionalities and services benefiting from Banking API availability, cooperation between banking and the software developer ecosystem and openness of interfaces offered by Santander API ecosystem. New ways of securely accessing customer data in banking systems as well as supporting external sales channels of banking products.
  3. Process Automation: technologies supporting automation of back and front office activities in sales and post-sales activities of the banking product. Automation of processes for large organizations in constant flux in the fields of HR, Operations, Project/Program Management, Logistics, Property and Building Automation, IT Evolution and DevOPS.
  4. Security: services and technologies that provide clients with solutions for improving security in the world of banking world and outside it: Digital ID, Advanced Biometrics, Secure Documents.  
  5. Distributed Ledger: services based on distributed ledger technologies for usage in smart contracts and confirmation of customer identity. Interfaces for accessing public DL for extraction of data. 
  6. Customer experience (CX): improving customer and future customer experience on a broad scale of banking products and in all channels in which the bank interacts with them. Santander focuses on improvement of NPS via a customer-centric strategy.
  7. eCommerce & Platforms: ecosystem solutions for offering customers and potential customers “one-stop shopping” for non-banking services. Tools and technologies for supporting e-commerce solutions for SMEs and corporations and enriching them with banking products: Payments, Financing, Identity Management, Investment and Advisory Services. 

The Products & service recipients category consists of six areas:

  1. Payment: Focus on delivery of daily banking and payment services and accounts including: Transfers, Invoicing, Finance Management and all types of Secure Payment Products.
  2. Loans: financing needs of customers: Cash loans, Installments, Credit Cards, Overdrafts, Mortgage Loans, Unsecured, Secured and Other.
  3. Investment & Deposits: a full portfolio of investment and savings products for retail, SMEs and corporate clients.
  4. Security Services: Banking services security improvement, non-banking E-security Solutions, Insurance, Assistance & Concierge Services
  5. Bank’s HR & Operations: corporations solutions for HR management, Employee Engagement, supporting processes and regulatory requirements, Compliance Automation.
  6. Sales ChannelsBranches, ATMs, Internet banking, Mobile banking, API based channels, Payment Products, Partners and Brokerage Channels.

Preferred Cooperation Model:

Santander Bank Polska offers a flexible model of cooperation with startups in the initial stage of development. Depending on the type of service/product, cooperative solutions, joint product offers to end customers under the Santander brand, as well as a clean service model will be accepted. For fintech projects in scaling stages there’s also a possibility of capital involvement under the Santander Innoventures group fund.

ACCELPOINT sp. z o.o. implements the project co-financed by the European Funds Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020 “Accelpoint ScaleUp – Technological Accelerator connecting innovative solutions with Technology Recipients”.

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