The Insurtech Path: What Kind of Innovations is AXA Partners Looking for?

AXA Partners, leader of the Insurtech path in the AccelUp programme, outlined the proposed model of cooperation with startups and potential challenges. The deadline for submitting applications in the first round of the AccelUp programme is April 30th, 2019. We invite startups ready to implement their #insurtech solutions in cooperation with our Partner and Technology Recipient – AXA Partners.

AXA Partners defines its main areas of interest  based on three categories: E-commerce and B2B2C distribution, Customer journey within claims processes related simplification as well as Documents and finance flows inside the insurance business.

E-commerce and B2B2C distribution category includes:

  • Automatized tools & chatbots for customer front offices
  • Tools to facilitate the UW process
  • Tools for Mobile / Tablets diagnosis & UW
  • On-line support for out or EU insurance distribution
  • Sophisticated tools for premium lifecycle management

Customer journey within claims processes related simplification category includes:

  • Multi channel for front office communication Solution for complex tele medicine program Solution for smart home assistance
  • Simplified tools to perform claims management

Documents and finance flows inside the insurance business  category includes:

  • Document management
  • Contract workflow and management (clients, suppliers)
  • HR onboarding workflow
  • Workflow and automatized systems for recruitment Automatisation of incoming documents
  • Automatised systems for order & invoices management

ACCELPOINT sp. z o.o. implements the project co-financed by the European Funds Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020 “Accelpoint ScaleUp – Technological Accelerator connecting innovative solutions with Technology Recipients”.

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